BAATS is an organization led by lifelong educators

with extensive athletic backgrounds

As former players and coaches, we are committed to the careers of young scholar-athletes, and dedicated to the mission of life long learning

John Silva, the BAATS Founder/CEO, has been connected to the private and public school world since the late 1970's. Not only has he taught at and headed a number of schools, but he has also played and coached at both the high school and college levels. He currently runs a company that serves families and students from around the globe, preparing them for dynamic and vibrant educational experiences at junior and secondary boarding schools and colleges in the U.S. Terry Buxton, Program Coordinator, has been involved in virtually every aspect of education over the past 40 years. Not only has he coached multiple sports at the high school and college level, but he has taught English, coordinated curricula, advised college-bound students and served as head of three separate high schools. John and Terry’s combination of skill sets, experiences and commitment to the continued development of young people puts them in a unique position to connect with and help aspiring professional athletes strengthen their potential for future success in every area of their lives.


In talking with friends and families involved with major league baseball, they began to see an opportunity for improving the prospects of a vulnerable population of aspiring athletes. Research by J.J. Cooper (June 2018) showed MLB’s three-year draft distribution average (from 2015-2017) to be: 63% college, 26% high school, 10% junior college. Yet, “in the first and supplemental first rounds of 2018, there were actually more high school players picked (53.5%) than college players (46.5%).” While the MLB has made provisions with the Players’ Union to provide funds for continuing education, only 4.3% of MLB players have a college degree (J.J. Cooper, 2018). It is a fact that many young men playing professional baseball struggle or neglect to commit to their continuing education. It seems clear that the inherent enticement of the money associated with being drafted by an MLB organization, along with the elation of dreams fulfilled, lead many young ball players to forego college, and, as a result, not take the time to construct an academically-based plan for life after baseball. Add to that the fact that the average major league career lasts less than six years, and it is in every player’s self-interest to formulate an alternative life-plan.


B.A.A.T.S. would be instrumental in helping not only the high school draftees, but also other players, to begin their work towards a degree or worthy vocation. BAATS provides personal services to each player who contracts with us – including ongoing academic-intellectual coaching and life-skills mentoring. We work with each player and his family to customize the route to either a college degree or certification related to another interesting and productive vocation. We would have a competitive advantage over that larger, less personal online pathways to continuing education where commitment to the individual ball player is difficult. The distance and space between the university advisor and the ball player in these programs is vast. By contrast, we offer a uniquely individual approach to obtaining a degree along with a distinctive plan for preparing ball players for life after baseball: one that is private, personal and customized. 


Our Mission is to expand the educational pathways to a customized college or vocational degree for professional baseball players through individualized support; and our Vision is of motivated professional baseball players working towards acquiring a higher education and sustainable skills to create future opportunities for a good life. We further believe that there is a moral obligation that goes along with making someone a part of your team, and we would like to help facilitate the understanding of what that looks like in practice as we work with you/your players.