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"It's hard to beat a person
who never gives up."
Babe Ruth

Interview and consult with the ball player and his family to create and plan a customized  education strategy while pursuing an MLB career.


Academic and intellectual coaching by JSA educators is custom - designed for each ball player and his specific educational needs.


Locate and design a custom online degree program with transferable credits towards a vocation or potential college degree.


Every ball player is assigned a personal mentor who is connected to a support system within baseball, educational and business communities


As part of the B.A.A.T.S mentorship program, each advisee can expect the following support from a B.A.A.T.S professional or JSA Educator

Academic Advisement

Provide a personal evaluation and set short and long term goals for each advisee

Create an appropriate and feasible academic work plan

Assistance with passing online courses

Improve writing through regular conferences and video/email communications

Work through and grapple with thought processes associated with course materials

Model and practice proper communication of ideas

Proactive Mentoring

Weekly communication via phone or video call

Encourage, edify and inform the player about ...

Confidant and sounding board

Weekly check-ins with parents to update on academic progress

Social Media

Deliberate and active following of ball player's progress via all social media outlets