Baseball Academic Advisory Team Support

a subsidiary of JSA Education

•Personalized plan for individual ballplayer's needs       
• Intellectual, academic and life skills mentoring
• A customized route to a college degree or path to a worthy vocation
• Recognition that baseball remains priority number one
• BAATS recognizes playing professional baseball and seeking higher education can be a struggle
• The founders of BAATS have 80+ years as professional educators
• Our experience has proven it is possible to achieve athletic excellence while expanding intellect
• You focus on baseball; we've got your next steps covered

BAATS is a subsidiary of JSA Education

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JSA Education currently serves families from around the globe. We work with students of all ages preparing them for dynamic and vibrant educational experiences at junior and secondary boarding schools and colleges in the U.S. We work one on one with students personalizing their academic plans to accommodate both their desires and their needs. We specialize in creating customized school lists for each student. We also prepare appropriate and relevant reading lists, hone critical thinking through discussion-based questioning, practice essay writing-editing, revising , word choice/vocabulary: and rehearse vital interview skills. Our commitment to knowing our students thoroughly is our strength as we advocate for each student at various and diverse schools. The foundation to our success is based on our professional network of over eighty-five independent schools, many of which are listed as top twenty private schools in the nation by Forbes. 

Since 2011, JSA Education has provided education services for young people throughout the U.S and the world.